July 2007 President's newsletter

After traveling overseas to visit relatives (catch up with grandkids) it is great to be back in Tin Can Bay. Seeing the way other cultures live can only make you appreciate what we have here in Australia and in particular Tin Can Bay. Unfortunately it may appear that I have brought back the cold European weather but I insist that the weather had changed before I returned. I have overheard many comments about how cold it is but talk to some of our visitors from further south and they will explain why they are visiting our beautiful neck of the woods at this time of the year. Anyway we have now passed the winter solstice and the days will be getting longer. Just in case you need something to warm you up, the end of the financial year is upon us and it is time to make up stories for the government tax man.

For those who regularly attend the Sunday raffles you would have noticed our Life Member/Treasurer Janet Reibel has been missing. She has had an operation to her eye and is required to keep pressure from it, making her quite immobile, and husband Vince will be playing nursemaid for some time. We all hope that she can recover quickly so that we can see her cheery face back at the club.

Since I departed on my overseas journey Maria Prior was appointed to be the councilor for our division of Cooloola Shire Council, replacing Peter Cantrell. I had some dealings with Peter over the years and I wish him well for his new ventures. Maria will have her work cut out trying to appease the varying factions that make up our neighbourhood before the end of year elections.

Sport. The Mitre 10 sponsored golf and bowls day was held on the Queens Birthday holiday Sunday and was a huge success, as it has been for a number of years. Many participants went home carrying prizes. John and Barbara Kremastos, owners of the Mitre 10 Tin Can Bay store and the Mitre 10 Cooloola Cove depot, have heavily invested in our local area and their sponsored day is one way of repaying the local community for their support. If you see either John or Barbara in their shops tell them how much you enjoyed the day and that you are happy to see the sponsorship continue. We need to support local businesses as much as possible.

Saturday 23rd June saw the start of the men’s bowls pennant season. Brilliant wins by both teams has seen their competition start with a bang. No luck is required in showing future opposition teams the amount of talent we have at Tin Can Bay. The women’s bowls pennants will be starting shortly and they will also be chasing glory for our club.

The Ladies Golf 72 holes championships will be held over four days during July and hopefully the weather will be favourable for the event. The Men’s Golf will be holding the 27 holes Tin Can Bay Open at the end of the month.

Golf Course. Comments had been passed about the faint odour (sometimes a stink) that had been emanating from our enlarged dam. Investigations as to why the aerator (keeps the water moving so it won’t become stagnant) was not working efficiently showed that we didn’t have one. The Veterans Golf Club have approved expenditure for the purchase and installation of an aerator and you should soon be seeing a plume of water spurting from the dam (it should be quite picturesque). The members who suggested putting it in front of the fifth tee as an added obstacle have been threatened with bodily harm if this occurs. The Golf Club have allocated funds so that we can start the changes suggested for the course to hasten the process. Watch out for a changed course. Once the changes have started the Country Club will take up the challenge to get all the appropriate changes made.

Developments. Golfers who use their own carts on the course have been requesting further storage facilities. They have been offered, through the Golf Club, the option of paying, in advance, the cost of ten years rental for the price of seven. We now have enough interested members to finance the erection of an additional shed and this will take place as soon as plans are drawn and passed. Anyone still interested in golf cart storage should talk to the Golf Club committee.

Promotions. The Friday night members draw jackpot was won on Friday 22nd June with the lucky winner walking away with a total of $1900. Congratulations Ian. You can still win $200 by having your member’s ticket drawn from the barrel on Friday evenings. The jackpot you spin for will revert back to the base figure and increment each week it is not won.

The club will be participating in the Clubs Queensland “Smile for a Child” promotion later in the year that raises considerable amounts of money for various child charities Queensland wide. We will make sure that it doesn’t conflict with any of our local charity days and I am sure most members will want to participate.

The Tin Can Bay Seafood Festival will be held on Saturday 29th September this year (middle Saturday of the school holidays), being run by the Chamber of Commerce. The club has only had minimum involvement in the festival in previous years but we will be trying to entice the visitors, as well as locals, to visit our club and participate on our sporting venues this year.

See you at the T.C.B. Country Club.
Stephen Wallis.
President TCBCC.