January 2009 President's newsletter

I hope everyone’s Christmas celebrations went as expected and all had a festive time. At the time of writing the New Year festivities are still to occur and I hope a large number of members will be celebrating at the club. The golf and bowls presentation nights conducted during the month were memorable.

Residents of Tin Can Bay and Cooloola Cove should be marking the 26th January as a date to visit to the club on Australia Day to celebrate with like minded True Blues.

Although I have mentioned it before the new Queensland liquor licensing laws come into effect on 1st January, 2009 with trading of liquor and usage of poker machines being restricted to within the hours 10am to midnight.

Trading. The economic downturn in the world economy has not yet affected us greatly but as the experts are telling us that we will have to suffer further before we get out of the depression we are keeping a close watch on the clubs finances.

Sport. The mens and ladies bowls clubs both had their annual general meetings during December and I would like to congratulate the new members of their committees in accepting these unenviable positions.

The annual Reibel Trophy day for both golf and bowls will be held for those keen competitors who can surface from the night before, on New Years Day.

The Golf Club will be holding the Australia Day 27 hole championship on Australia Day beside all the other festivities.

The Bowls club will be commemorating “Chocka Block” day in mid January as Charlie Walker celebrates his 91st birthday on 27th Jan.

The three Tin Can Bay P-10 State School volleyball teams visited Melbourne during December to compete in the Australian Schools volleyball championships. As they have been successful in previous years the residents of Tin Can Bay, Cooloola Cove and Rainbow Beach expect them to return with gold medals. This last year they repeated their success with three gold medals from the three teams. Congratulations to the students, coaches and workers for their success and the club is proud to be one of the sponsors of this event that shows the students, not only a volleyball competition, but how to exist in a big city and how to get along in a team situation.

Developments. Work continues on the golf course with the construction of the toilets being given priority over the next few months.

A number of the new TVs we have purchased have been installed in the clubhouse and there are more to be installed in the new year. There should be no arguments over which channel (football code) will be beamed to our patrons.

The club has often considered making a feature of the golf course whilst entering Tin Can Bay by road. After prompting, and a donation from one of our members, we are in the process of planting tree/shrubs/bushes along Tin Can Bay Road/Gympie Road from the start of the golf course to the clubhouse. It may take a number of years for the trees to grow to a reasonable height but we will have started the process.

Staffing. I would particularly like to register my appreciation for all the staff we have working at the club at this time of the year. Many of them sacrifice their personal time to make sure that the members enjoy themselves in the manner they have been accustomed. The bar staff, the greens staff, the office staff, the rangers, the bus drivers and our handyman all deserve the appreciation that we can show them.

Promotions. The $2,000 given away at the Sunday raffle, prior to Christmas, drew a large audience and a number of lucky ticket buyers had more money to spend on presents. The raffle jackpot, which had reached $700, was also won on the night by one of our fortunate members, causing the clubs coffers to be reduced considerably. The number of people present on the afternoon really packed the club and the noise of conversation really had the club buzzing. The Sunday raffles will continue, with over $600 in prizes, in their usual format with an additional promotion scheduled next month.

See you at the T.C.B. Country Club.
Stephen Wallis.
President TCBCC