January 2008 President's newsletter

Christmas is upon us. There will be so much hard partying with presentation nights at the club for golf and bowls as well as get-togethers with friends and family. Melbourne Cup day was another highly enjoyable day at the club with a lucky few leaving with big grins on their faces – winners.

The Tin Can Bay P-10 State School had its charity day during the month with over $1000 raised and directed to their volleyball team’s trip to the Australian Championships.

It has been decided to record email addresses of those members who have access to a computer so that the club can contact you in the new electronic age. Details will be gathered when membership is renewed.

Sport. Congratulations to Tim Major in breaking the golf course record with a round of 68 during the medal round earlier this month. All the renovations on the course will allow him to set another record when the course has been lengthened.
Commiserations to our dedicated bowlers in coming second in the IGA shield played against Cooloola Coast Bowls Club. You can win the No.1 pennants but beating the other mob in the interclub competition seems fraught with danger.

Developments. The golf course greens have returned to the great condition they were in before the coring took place and there should be smug satisfaction for the greenkeepers in a job well done. The top bowling green has now been cored whilst play continues on the bottom green – it is amazing how much the shades are missed for a short time.
Further improvements (makes the course harder) have been commenced on the golf course with another water hazard coming into play and new tees being developed.

The diagrams for the buildings have been drawn, the paperwork has been completed and the process has begun to erect composting toilets on the golf course. We are now in the hands of the beaurocrats.

You may have noticed that all the honour boards have been removed from the walls of the bar area in preparation for painting. This, along with the removal of the old fans and the replacement of the large fluoro lights with concealed energy efficient lighting, should have the bar area looking neat and cosy for the Christmas celebrations.

Due to member requests the club has now purchased a number of high chairs for children’s use in the restaurant.
As a government requirement, and for our own peace of mind, we have had experts taking away samples from our buildings, mainly sheds, to determine if we have any asbestos on our property. These samples will be tested and appropriate action will be taken to comply with all safety requirements. Also due to new government regulations we are having safety equipment fitted to comply with new regulations regarding the use of gas in our cellaring process.

Staffing. You may shortly notice a new face around the golf course and bowling greens. The club has employed another apprentice Keegan Mosely and he will be starting work in early December after completing his schooling. Welcome all.

Club spirit. I would like to thank, particularly at this time of the year, those members who are not on committees but who go around quietly helping the club in various ways without seeking any rewards. One person who recently comes to mind is our food connoisseur Colin Mackay who went out of his way to organise the purchase and construction of a better hotplate for the bar-be-cue. There will be many cooks who will appreciate the improvement.

On a less positive note would those members leaving the clubhouse by the side entrance please avoid walking across the bowls greens. There are pathways around the greens so please use them. This is particularly important whilst the greens are being cored. Thank you.

Promotions. The birthday vouchers hit a snag when the kiosk decided to play up but manual intervention saw everybody receiving the appropriate vouchers.
The Christmas ham promotion commenced on Monday 26th November and will be running until Sunday 16th December. All you have to do is swipe your membership card in the kiosk and the lucky winners will receive a ticket for a half leg ham that is redeemable on Thursday 20th December. Each member is only entitled to win one half leg ham.

On behalf of the Tin Can Bay Country Club, its
committee and staff, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

See you at the T.C.B. Country Club.
President TCBCC
Stephen Wallis.