January 2007 - back

From the Chair…...I hope all of you had a fantastic Christmas and celebrated happily and safely for the New Year. The parties and presentation nights conducted during the month were a huge success with only compliments forthcoming. I must praise our caterer Leanne on the effort she and her staff performed during the “silly” season – the food was great.

Australia Day is the next major celebration and all you “true blues” should come to the club for our festivities – traditional BBQ, competitions and great camaraderie amongst our fellow Australians, with golf and bowls competitions in amongst the kids. Congratulations to Tin Can Bay P-10 School on their continuing success at the Australian Schools volleyball championships. Gold for the girls and silver for the boys.

Finances. The trend in reduction of gaming revenue continues throughout the state and our club has not been exempt. Although the revenue from gaming is down we must be doing something right as our bar trading is up on last years figures and membership continues to grow. Unfortunately the cap on our drink prices, both bulk and takeaway, will be increasing from 1st February, 2007 as we are hit with another CPI
increase. We will still be the cheapest venue to celebrate and take home your alcoholic beverages.
Expenses. Again the equipment the green keepers use has been worn out and “pre-loved” greens mower and “Cushman” will be purchased shortly. A “pre-loved” cash register has been ordered for the starter’s box to merge into the current accounting system.

Developments. The new outdoor pool table has arrived and is being well used by the younger groups. For those keen players the leveling made it even more playable. The coffee machine is still awaiting clearance through Customs at the time of writing but is definitely “on the way”. The main frames for the mechanized shade cover have been delivered and construction will start during the month. The top bowls green has finished being cored and top-dressed and should be in operation when you read this. The bottom bowls green will be cored in conjunction with the erection of the shades. The report on the golf course by professional golfer “Ozzie” Moore has been received and we will shortly be deciding the changes to be made and the priority order they will be completed. This will hopefully get the course a higher AGU rating.

Membership. The club board has decided that the club will comply with liquor licensing regulations by only allowing guests of members to visit three times during any calendar year. If people want to visit more than three times they should be taking out social membership to gain all the benefits.

Promotions. The Christmas Ham Giveaway was a huge success for those lucky enough to win one. To those that missed out. Better luck next year. The Friday (7.30pm) members draw is jackpotting again and at the time of writing was $1,050.00 Have you tried the “HOT ROCKS” experience yet? It has been operating since early December and has given diners another option when looking for a different choice when dining out.

See you at the T.C.B Country Club.
Stephen Wallis
President TCBCC.