February 2007 President's newsletter - back

The celebrations for Australia Day were absolutely enjoyed by all who attended the club during the day. Kids were entertained by the jumping castle and the merry-go-round, as well as the cream bun eating, the thong throwing and the loudest coo-ee competitions. The good old Australian BBQ was running for most of the day and the amount of food consumed left even the organisers amazed. I would personally like to thank those members that gave their time during the day to make everything work and a special thanks to the staff for making another special day run like clockwork. We can now relax for a while until Easter is upon us.

Child Protection Policy. As a result of recent legislation the club is required to develop a Child Protection Policy. Clubs Queensland has developed a generic version that clubs can adapt for their own use. This policy is a changeable document and should be added to as circumstances arise. This policy will be presented at a meeting of any concerned member or staff on Monday 12th February at 5pm at the club. If you want to contribute or find out more please attend. Club directors, staff and volunteers working with children have or shortly will have “Blue cards”.

Smoking. We have now had seven months of the changes to smoking rules within our licensed premises (clubhouse, golf course and bowling greens). Although we presumed that sanity would prevail and the rules would be changed to allow reasonable control of outdoor areas this has not yet eventuated. Consequently members and visitors are reminded that there are designated areas where smoking is allowed and these areas are clearly marked on the display boards around the golf course and near the bowling greens. Please comply with these instructions as both you and the club can be fined for breaches to the rules.
Finances. The month of December showed an improvement in our turnover although our figures are still not as high as last years. The state suffered a drop in turnover of 5.1% for the month with some variances showing major problems for certain areas of the state. The six month average also showed a drop of 5.1% overall and added to the previous growth per annum of about 5% gives us a realistic drop in turnover of about 10%.

Developments. The coffee machine arrived during the holiday period and is located behind the bar. For the taste of “real” coffee, at a minimum price of $1 per cup, talk to the bar staff. Choices of “Latte (long white)”, “Cappuccino”, “Long Black” & “Short Black” are available.

The construction of the mechanized shade cover for the bowling green has been delayed slightly with the holidays but should be started during this month when the bottom green is back in use after being cored.
A meeting took place on 22/1/07 between the Board and members of the golf committee to discuss and set priorities based on changes suggested in the report on the golf course by professional golfer “Ozzie” Moore. Changes will be commencing shortly as greens manpower and funds are available. Please be aware, when playing, of the work being carried out – read the notice board at the starters box. This will hopefully get the course a higher AGU rating.

A new colourbond fence is to be erected at the front (rear entrance to some) of the club to beautify the view of the club from Gympie – Tin Can Bay Road and to hide our washing. Thanks to those members who have been reminding us of the sight the current fence is portraying – it proves that we do listen to members suggestions (keep them coming) but it may take time as other priorities use up funds.

Drink Prices. Due to past and current CPI increases on all alcoholic beverages the club will be increasing its prices on all bulk and takeaway drinks. This will be implemented on 1st February, 2007. Even with our slight increase we should still be supplying your favourite drinks at an economic price – do a comparison.
Promotions. The “Australia Day” giveaway promotion for the basic necessities of a great beach picnic was won by Pam Ottaway.

The Friday members draw was won on 12th January ($1100) and the club has decided to change the format of the promotion. A draw will take place shortly after the “Coast Guard” raffles are completed (about 6.45pm) with further draws every half hour up till 9.15pm. On each occasion, if the member is present, the member will spin the wheel to win an amount between $500 and $10. This means there will be six chances every Friday evening of winning $500 – all you have to do is be there when your member number is drawn.

See you at the T.C.B. Country Club.
Stephen Wallis.
President TCBCC.