April 2008 President's newsletter

The month of March has been a busy time for most people with the Easter break being early in the Autumn period. Parents of school children, used to having a week of holidays included in the Easter break, had only the four day break before the kids returned to school.

It was good to see that the visitor numbers returned to Rainbow Beach and Inskip Point after the debacle at Christmas. I hope all of you had an enjoyable Easter and the rabbit left eggs or other goodies in your vicinity. Those that played golf in the two-day Easter carnival and the bowlers who competed in the postponed “Reibel” trophy day thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Unfortunately since the last newsletter I have attended the funerals of two of our members. It seems that the older you get the more funerals you attend. The first I attended was that of “Bones” (MICHAEL COSTELLO) ex-president of the Tin Can Bay RSL. He was one of the first “locals” that I met and we had many a discussion, over a drink, to resolve the problems of the world. Bones had been fighting cancer for some time but unfortunately was not able to win this battle. I will miss him. On behalf of the club we wish Maureen and family the best for the future.

The other was the funeral of KEVIN MERRY who was also one of my earliest contacts with the area, playing social cards. Kevin had recently taken up the game of bowls and we had interesting discussions about the bias of those “rotten” bowls. He died suddenly leaving a grieving family. On behalf of the club we wish Dianne and family the best for the future.

On the brighter side ex-president Col Orr has been released from hospital and is recovering slowly – good to see you up and about Col.

Clubs Queensland has been campaigning for a sensible outcome to the changes to this states’ liquor licensing laws. Advertising in the Courier-Mail and informational flyers, which can be seen in our club premises, have concluded with a submission to the government on the changes. We can only hope that common sense prevails instead of the influence of groups with their own agenda. Whilst on the liquor front there is a flurry of commitment from both the Federal and State governments in trying to curb the binge drinking of youths. Surely the government cannot be held responsible for the actions of some that need more parental guidance.

A spate of vandalism has hit Tin Can Bay recently. The youth of the town can complain bitterly about the lack of facilities to entertain them but it does not give them the right to destroy other people’s property. Planter boxes, letter boxes and street signs have been the recipients of the unsocial behaviour. From reports received from the shopping area and around the retirement village it appears a couple of older youths are egging on the younger youths to commit the acts of vandalism. Again due to the lack of parental supervision the Police are almost powerless to prosecute these youths. People will only put up with so much before they react and unlawful revenge takes place. Hopefully we can resolve this issue before it magnifies itself.

Sport. The club has recently sponsored three of our local junior swimmers who were selected from the local zone to attend the state swimming championships. They are competing at the time of writing and we wish them well in their events. Congratulations to coach Michael Winton in getting them to this high level.

Developments. The club has supplied the green keeper with his Easter present, the purchase of a new tractor. Ask him about it when you see him – he is the only one allowed to drive it.

A number of golf members (approximately seven) have requested spaces for their carts in a new cart shed. The club will be reviewing the feasibility of building a third shed and if there are other members who require a spot then let it be known at reception and your details will be taken. Members who have paid for a spot in one of the sheds and find that they no longer require the spot, due to ill-health or change of residence, etc, are reminded that they can on-sell their spot but cannot make a profit on the sale (the remaining time slice is to be sold at its residual value).

Staffing. A number of our female staff have got to the position where they are going to have time off to bring “Junior” into this world. Sharna is the first to participate. We will miss them for the time they are away and we wish them “all the best” in the delivery of the newborn.

See you at the T.C.B. Country Club.
Stephen Wallis.
President TCBCC