Tin Can Bay Country Club Inc.
Presidents Annual Report 2007/2008

Trading and Profit. It is pleasing to see the club increased trading in most areas during the 2007-08 year. Bar trading profit was slightly down on the previous two years as the clubs absorption of the half yearly excise duty and freight increases due to petrol price increases finally caught up.
Poker machine clearances increased considerably to previous years but, as the return to player is now greater, the profit from them only increased to where they were two years ago – the smoking ban is still being felt.
Due to the increase in golf and bowls green fees, a slightly increased membership, and a new category of remote member for golfing, the sports income grew considerably. Unfortunately with the increase in improvements to the golf course and other factors the expenses in the sports area also increased but the net loss on sports was reduced.
Other income increased steadily but was also offset by an increase in expenses, including depreciation, which has now risen in total to almost $200,000 per annum. The club is fulfilling our community responsibilities with not only charity days but with donations to specific needs of our community.
Overall the net profit of just over $72,000 for the year (an increase of over $40,000 from last year) was the increase the Board was looking for and will try to maintain in future years.
The recent impact of the increase in interest rates and the jump in the price of petrol has slowed down trade in the club industry throughout all regions in Queensland.
We have not been exempt from this downturn but are looking to ride out this glitch.

Committee. The current committee has worked well during the past year and I would like to personally thank them for their efforts in having the club run effectively. There are many tasks that they volunteer for that keeps the running costs to a minimum.
Again this year we have more nominations for committee than there are positions and this shows that there are a number of interested members ready to contribute. Some committee members may not be re-elected this next year and I would like to thank them for their past contributions. As Ann Hudson has not nominated for this years committee I would like to thank her for the time and effort she contributed whilst on the committee over the past two years.
The committees of the golf and bowls clubs are the backbone of the sporting mix at the Country Club and I must thank them for their contribution towards the club’s success.

Staff. For almost three years Mark Whiting has fulfilled the role of Secretary Manager. It has been three years of consolidation with many changes taking place. I feel that his energy and enthusiasm for the position has greatly benefitted the club. Hopefully Mark will be a long time acquisition for the club and has just started his tenure.
Dawn Stockwell has been our office manager now for more years than she wishes to remember. She has again kept the finances of the club under control, in conjunction with management and the Board. Dawn has indicated that she wants to reduce her involvement in the day to day operations so she can concentrate on her other passion – travelling the world. We wish her the best. In preparation for Dawns departure other staff in the office area is being trained to take over the role and continue the efficient balancing of the books.
There has been a number of staff changes in the bar area for varying reasons. Some have moved on to new careers and we wish them well in their new pursuits and others have decided to travel. Some have even taken time off to have babies and the two mothers concerned are both beaming with their little bundles of joy. In most instances they have enjoyed their time at the club and will visit it when in the locality. To those that remain or have just started the friendly attitude and “fun whilst you work” is still prominent. Rick Clay has been promoted to bar supervisor and is handling the increased responsibility easily whilst he absorbs life lessons at the bar.
It is hard to find the correct words for our green staff for the wonderful work they achieve with the minimum of staff. They appear to be a contented group, led by head greenkeeper Mick Hall, that can achieve all that we require. During the year two apprentices and a new groundsman (also a bus driver) were started.
Our bus drivers speak for themselves in getting cheerful patrons home safely. Our primary driver Bede has decided to part company with us during the next year to do some travelling and it is hard to imagine that 5 years have passed since he first started with us. Denise also moved on to greener pastures but hopefully there is always someone to fill the breach.
The rangers in the golf starter’s box are also to be applauded for the work they carry out. They are self motivated and a huge asset to the club, without them our running costs would be much higher and our efficiency a lot lower. Thanks for their efforts.
Last but not least is the man that keeps the club from falling apart, our handyman Mick Low. All the jobs that he does keep him busy during the year with little complaint from club users.
It is a fantastic effort all around from the staff and the atmosphere in the club is one of a friendly group of patrons being serviced by a happy work group.

Social Responsibility. This is an area that Clubs Queensland is pushing with the government in negotiating for the rights of clubs. During the year charity golf and bowls days were held with proceeds being received by Tin Can Bay P-10 State School, the local Ambulance committee, Rainbow Beach Surf Club, the local Medical Transport group, Clubs Queensland “Smile for a Child” and Legacy. The club sponsors the Tin Can Bay Cricket Club, giving our local youth an outlet to excel. The club also supported local yachtsmen to compete in Australian championships, The Tin Can Bay P-10 State School volleyball teams in their Australian Championships, and local swimmers competing in their State championships. We also have an ongoing commitment with the Tin Can Bay P-10 State School “Good Start” Breakfast program. The local Coast Guard continue to have their successful raffles on Friday nights and earn good revenue. Our clubhouse is always made available to local groups to hold meetings or functions at minimal or no cost.

Membership. Our membership has remained steady during the year with over 2400 financial members at the end of the financial year with over 1700 social members. The fees for all categories this year remained unchanged after the increase last year. Golf and bowls members were still subsidised approximately $100 per member to cover our sporting costs, a more manageable level than in previous years.

Smoking. The “Smoking” rules now appear to have been accepted by the general public and our trading is returning to the heights of a few years ago. The government, both state and federal, are being spurred on by select interest groups to enact laws to further reduce smoking. We will have to manage our business around these changes.

Liquor Act. The Queensland Government has been reviewing the Liquor Act over the last year or two. Representations by Clubs Queensland, on behalf of our club and others throughout the state, were successful in changing some of the legislation to result in a sensible outcome. The changes are due to be passed through parliament in September/October 2008. This will result in the club paying more in licence fees but the other changes will not affect us greatly.

Sport. Congratulations are again extended to the Men’s Bowls in their success in winning the prestigious Dodt Cup (unfortunately not repeated this year) and to their winning of the Gympie district No 1 pennants (a feat they look like repeating this year). The Ladies Bowls had moderate success in their pennants and both clubs competed well in the Champion of Champion series.
During the year all the golf clubs amalgamated to form one golf club, with little effect on the successful running of the golf events. The Men’s and Ladies Golf pennant teams also performed well but were unsuccessful in bringing home the trophy. All competitions were fought out during the year with the victors collecting their trophies on presentation night.

Developments. A number of projects were completed or are still ongoing at the club, with further changes planned or in the pipeline.
The Veterans Golf Club (as it was then) donated the funds to have an aerator installed in the dam near the 5th hole.
The second golf cart shed was completed during the year with spaces in it being absorbed so quickly a list for a future third shed was created – this has now also been built.
As part of the renovations on the golf course water hazards have been added to the 10th and 18th holes (the one on the 18th has only recently been completed).
Plans were submitted to the new Gympie Regional Council for approval to build two toilet blocks on the golf course. After some difficulties these have now been approved and a submission for a government has been lodged. Whether we are granted funds or not the toilet blocks will be built in the near future.
The clubs membership system was updated to include email addresses of members. Hopefully we will be able to utilise this more modern method of communication with our members in the future without disadvantaging those that are not comfortable with computers.
The club has purchased a new “second hand” bus. It is a more modern version of the current bus and it is hoped it will be utilised by members for sporting visits and social occasions. Although there is a cost in having two buses it is felt that at this time there are enough occasions where a second bus is required to justify the cost.
In order to keep our greens staff in a happier mood a new (yes - brand new) tractor was purchased. No one, apart from the head greenkeeper, was allowed to use it for the first month but it is now in general use around the course. At the same time the golf club provided funds for a new tyner to be purchased, making the greenkeepers job of coring greens a lot easier.
Work has commenced on the new Fire Station on the corner of Tin Can Bay Road and Snapper Creek Road and hopefully will have no effect on the golf course.
The club has committed funds, when available, to the golf course to complete the fairway watering system and to complete the tee structures. This will be done in conjunction with the recommendations from the course survey of Ozzie Moore and will be ongoing for some time.
Treated water from the new sewerage works at Tin Can Bay is still on the agenda with council and will be revisited when Council is ready.
The club website ( has been growing with various pieces of information being added. I would like to thank Steve Dickson for his efforts in maintaining the site.

Social. The Christmas ham giveaway was again successful this year with many club members enjoying their winnings over the Christmas period.
The Mitre 10 golf and bowls day, held on the Queens Birthday weekend, was a huge success with the new owners making every effort for everyone to enjoy the day.
The Friday weekly draw continues to be successful with the jackpot varying over a period of time. Saturday’s promotion has been changed to “Jag the Joker’ and recently was won at $900.
The club has continued to provide local musical talent to entertain patrons in the club on all Fridays, Saturdays and special function days and will continue to do so although patronage on some nights may be low.
A number of social members have expressed their support for all members of the club being eligible to vote and take part on club committees. As this would require a change in the constitution it would be interesting to get feedback from full members on how they feel on this matter.

Stephen Wallis.
President, Tin Can Bay Country Club Inc.