Presidents Annual Report 2006/2007

Trading and Profit. The club increased trading in most areas during the 2006-07 except for our gaming area where our profit in that area was down by almost $100,000. Bar trading profit and Keno profit increased steadily whilst other income (raffle takings, commission on pool tables, bus hire, etc) and sports trading profit decreased. Our overhead expenses increased by about 12% due to substantial increases in repairs and maintenance (bus), salaries and wages, membership promotions and depreciation increases due to club improvements. The club is fulfilling our community responsibilities with not only charity days but with donations to specific needs of our community. Overall the net profit of just over $30,000 for the year was not what the board was looking for but it must be realised that the changes to the clubhouse were needed to improve member facilities. Although the net profit was down from the previous year the board feels that the club is moving in the right direction with the benefits of increased gaming returning the club to more profitability.

Committee. The current committee has worked well during the past year and I would like to personally thank them for their efforts in having the club run effectively. There are many tasks that they volunteer for that keeps the running costs to a minimum. Again this year we have more nominations for committee than there are positions and this shows that there are a number of interested members ready to contribute. Some committee members may not be re-elected this next year and I would like to thank them for their past contributions.
The committees of the golf and bowls clubs are the backbone of the sporting mix at the Country Club and I must thank them for their contribution towards the club’s success.

Staff. Our Secretary Manager Mark Whiting has now been with the club for almost two years (almost a record prior to his arrival). During this time he has made his presence felt in many ways and the club is the beneficiary of his talents. These changes can be seen in the increase in patronage, increasing member numbers and satisfaction in the staff for the work ethic.
Our office manager Dawn Stockwell has again performed admirably and her office staff are only too willing to greet members and visitors as they enter the club answering all types of questions thrown at them.
There has been little change in the personnel behind the Bar. Their happy attitude and efficiency in keeping patrons happy is greatly appreciated and we are lucky to have such a great bunch of people.
The green keeping staff, in my opinion, are as competent and capable a group of workers as we could employ. They perform above themselves in keeping the golf course and bowling greens to a standard comparable with any others. Head green keeper Michael Hall and his three offsiders are to be commended.
What would we do without the great effort put in by the rangers in the golf starter’s box. They have proved to be asset to the club and they keep the green fees at a minimum level. Their enforcement and control of the course has been tested recently but they have handled the matters convincingly.
You don’t always see him doing his magical fixes but we are in high admiration of our handyman. If we didn’t have him you would find the club slowly falling apart.
All of the staff needs to be thanked for their effort during the year in making the club run effectively. It has been a pleasure to attend the club and feel that you are in a friendly atmosphere and that you will be well looked after.

Membership. Our membership has grown considerably since I last reported. As at 13/8/07 our membership was 2313 with 1598 social members. There was an increase in all fees for golf, bowls and full members this year, after 5 years of static costs. Both golf and bowls members were subsidised approximately $120 per member to cover our sporting costs and the club is not capable of carrying that burden. The card swipe on the tills is giving members one of the least costly local prices for refreshments. Whilst this method of member reward is not agreeable to all, it is the current most effective way of implementing loyalty. Visitors are only paying prices that are comparable with our competition.

Smoking. The “Smoking” rules have now been in place for more than 12 months with their effects being felt throughout all Queensland clubs and hotels. Revenue from gaming dropped considerably although the non-smoking rules were phased in. the rules affecting the outside area, golf course and bowling greens, does not appear to have any method about it. The government is about to carry out a review and we can only hope that sense prevails.

Developments. The club has moved ahead with numerous projects started or completed during the year and further development is envisaged.
Again as in previous years new and pre-loved mowers were purchased for both the golf course and the bowling greens to replace well worn equipment.
The new watering system was eventually operable and water flowed from it on 17/8/06. Head greenkeeper Mick Hall has been utilising the new system since then and the golf course and bowling greens do not have to go thirsty. The use of treated sewer water is in the hands of Cooloola Shire Council (again budgeted for the 2007-08 year) and this may happen before the council amalgamations take place. Fairway watering is still to be installed on some holes of the golf course and this will be done as funds allow.
The renovations to the clubhouse were completed in August, 2006 in time for the clubs 40th birthday celebrations with minor adjustments made later. The gaming area, along with ten additional poker machines, was moved to its new room and the old gaming area converted to a sports lounge.
The new kiosk, located at the front of the club, has been dispersing prizes of drink vouchers, Keno vouchers and raffle tickets, to members who swipe their membership card. It will soon be dispensing the birthday vouchers, saving the club the time required to create the current vouchers and the postage involved.
All the various washing and maintenance equipment the club uses has now been hidden by the erection of a new colourbond fence.
The service area now boasts a new coffee machine as a result of requests of members and visitors and after a slow start is proving quite popular.
Professional golfer “Ozzie” Moore was engaged to review the golf course in order to raise the AGU rating. His report has now been used to commence changes to the course, including at least one new dam and numerous mounds.
The starter’s box had a new cash register installed to ease the effort of the rangers and to allow the data to be entered directly into our accounting system.
The motorised shade cover for one of the two bowling greens was installed during April 2006 and officially opened on 6th May, 2007. This summer will prove whether the shade is worthwhile, although it has been used on occasions at the end of last summer to the relief of players.
The club is now operating its own website on the Internet ( The efforts of Steve Dickson in creating and modifying the site are of tremendous value and the club owes him a great deal of gratitude.

Social. The member cards are now operating in conjunction with our poker machines giving members the opportunity to redeem points for monetary rewards.
The new weekly badge draw has proven to be a huge success with great drawing power on Friday evenings. The Saturday “Second Chance” draw is won regularly and hardly ever jackpots, proving that members are regular patrons.
The club is using local musical talent to entertain patrons in the club on all Fridays, Saturdays and special function days. This allows us to reduce our costs and promote the local music industry.
The club has continued to supply a courtesy bus service for those patrons who apply caution to their driving. The club feels that we are fulfilling our social responsibility in continuing this service. This service will continue to be monitored to give the best service at the most appropriate times without being a burden to the club.
The club, in conjunction with our caterer, entered into an agreement with the supplier of “HOT ROCKS”. This form of cooking and eating has proved extremely popular and we will continue to use this format.
The Christmas ham giveaway was repeated this year, utilising the kiosk at the entrance to the club, with many happy members enjoying their winnings close to Christmas.
The club’s charity days during the year had two new recipients with Cooloola Coast Medical Transport and the oncology wing of the Gympie Hospital joining regular charities Legacy, the Tin Can Bay P-10 School, the local Ambulance and the local Lions club in receiving proceeds. Both bowls and golf collections are distributed to the chosen charity. This year the club will also be joining the Clubs Queensland “Smile for a Child” fund raising events.
The club is currently supporting the Tin Can Bay P-10 School’s “Good Start” breakfast program and is also sponsoring the Tin Can Bay Cricket Club (in order to have sport available to our area).
Australia Day, Melbourne Cup Day, New Years Eve and our own 40th birthday party were hugely successful events and we expect those participants to return again.
The installation of a kids play area in the rear area of the club has proved most popular with thoughts of a bigger area and/or more games on the horizon.

Stephen Wallis.
President, Tin Can Bay Country Club Inc.