Presidents Annual Report 2004/2005

This is my first report to members as president of the Tin Can Bay Country Club and I feel quite comfortable with the way the club is trading and fulfilling its community responsibilities. The audited results show that the club has made a substantial net profit, with an impressive increase over the previous year, and this trend is expected to continue. Our liabilities are being reduced and we are able to purchase equipment, as required, without entering further loan or lease arrangements.

The club, again, has had a change in management personnel with manager Helen leaving to pursue her career in other locations and the appointment of a new Secretary Manager in Glenn Deithe. Glenn has been with the club now for approximately six months and we hope that a long-term tenure will eventuate. Apart from the top job there have been a number of personnel changes. The bar area has seen a number of old faces disappear and more new faces appear to satisfy the increasing demand by customers. The office staff has had slight changes and is performing to the high level of previous years. Thanks to office manager Dawn Stockwell for the manner she has kept the club running when the top job has been vacant. On the sporting side the club is fulfilling part of its role as a society yardstick by employing two apprentice green keepers. It is hoped that they will complete their course, learning from our head green keeper Michael Hall, and become assets for the club in future years. The new rangers are making their mark by increasing the level of turnover on the course and reducing the number of bushrangers not paying their due. As you may have noticed in and around the clubhouse the handyman has been plying his trade and keeping problems to a minimum.

The controversial decision of the previous committee was to bring in a “Non Smoking” policy in the clubhouse, except for the gaming room, taking effect from 1st October, 2004. Patrons have accepted this policy and bar trading shows little change from the smoking days. Shortly after our decision the Queensland Government chose to legitimise our decision and to go further with eventual “Non Smoking” within the whole clubhouse, and only one “Dedicated Smoking Area” in an outside area, from 1st July, 2006. Our members and guests should have little trouble complying with the regulations and the club will try to make all comfortable in whatever area they wish to frequent. The committee has still to decide where the “Dedicated Smoking Area” should be located particularly in relation to the new barbecue area being developed and the rule that no food or entertainment can be in this area.

In previous years when the income was not as great as today caution was needed when purchasing new or slightly used equipment or when repairs had to be made to the clubhouse or other areas. A number of areas require refurbishment and this is being done gradually (floor area in front of bar, new dance floor, etc) and in a manner to cause the least inconvenience. Many suggestions for improvements have been received from members during the year.

Our gaming room is providing much of the increase in turnover. Expansion and improvements to the room will be forthcoming within the next year to increase the satisfaction, comfort and pleasure for our members and guests. Additional machines will be purchased to allow interest to be maintained. Further promotions will also be implemented.

The committee has been in consultation with Cooloola Shire Council in regard to use of recycled water from the proposed new sewage works. This will be a long-term project driven by the speed and funds availability of the council. Completion is expected by late 2006 or early 2007. Along with this future availability of water the club is proceeding with its plans of using the dam near the 5th hole of the golf course as its main water storage and using the new bore by the side of the 3rd fairway and the current bore to supply it. Hopefully this will allow the club to water more greens (bowls and golf), tees and fairways at the same time with minimum manual intervention required.

Apart from bowls and golf competitions our social events have stayed fairly stable with Bingo, raffles and poker machine promotions taking place on various days. The Ambulance and the Volunteer Coast Guard are recipients of some of these funds. Changes have been made to a number of promotions (member draw particularly) and there has been a significant increase in participation, prompting further future changes. The club also supports a number of charity days in bowls and golf, restricting the number of these days, as we can’t fulfil all requests.

I must thank the committees and members of the golf and bowls clubs for their contribution towards the success of the Country Club. Without these dedicated workers there would be no competitions or sporting success.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank all the members of this year’s committee for their efforts in my first year as president. Not all decisions are made with full agreement but that is why we have a diverse mix of club members on the committee. Hopefully this next year will be just as exciting and fruitful.

Stephen Wallis.
President, Tin Can Bay Country Club.